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I wasn't sure how to title this one. My question is to makers who have a lot of orders going at the same time. How do you keep them organized in your shop? Do you use bins, or boxes or what?? I think I saw something that someone was using that was basically a 2X6 or 2X8 with large holes drilled in it and each knife was placed blade down into the hole along with the handle material.

Currently I write down all of the contact information and order information in a notebook. I also write down the date of the order and the estimated date of completion. As I complete one I move on to the next one. This has worked okay for me but my biggest problem is in the shop. I have a hard time keeping track of the materials for each knife without having to go back and forth from the shop to the house to check the order log.

Just wondering how others deal with this.



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I use coffee cans the 1lbs ones. When an order is made I put masking tape on a coffee can, with customers name,promised date, blade style, fixtures and handle material, steel type. I then put all the materials in the can to include pins. This also helps me know when I'm running low on an item. When the order is filled tear the tape off and its ready for the next customer. I also keep a dry marker board on the wall with a list of customer names and some quick notes. This gives a quick referance at a glance of whats next.

Rusty McDonald

I don't have a lot of orders but the one' s I do have I keep in a receipt book on my bench. It has all the info on the orders and the customer in carbon copy.


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Andy, that's perfect. That is what I was looking for. Rusty, I've been trying the notebook/receipt book thing but I guess I'm just not organized enough for it. When I was only keeping track of a few knives I was doing fine. I sure didn't want to get in this position but I am sitting on a lot of orders right now and don't want to make anyone mad by overlooking them.

Thank you both for the suggestions.