KCKA Shop Tour, April 12, 2014

Steve Culver

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Our next Shop Tour will be at Phil Evans' shop, in Columbus, KS. The date is April 12, 2014.

We'll start with the demos around 10am.

Demos will be:
Basic blacksmith forging, by Billy Helton
Forging and heat treating shop tools, by Jim Bevan

Basically, we're going to have a day of forge work. I'm sure that there will be some other knifemaking conversation and show and tell going on as well. Probably will be some blades forged too.

A friend of Phil's will be at the Shop Tour, taking knife pictures. He is willing to take pictures of knives for whoever wants them and will put the photos on a CD for free. So we encourage everyone to bring your knives!

Phil says that he'll have the smoker fired up and will be serving pulled pork sandwiches for lunch. All of the food and drinks will be provided. As Shop Tour hosts are not expected to provide meals for the attendees, appreciation is required!!

Please bring items for the Iron in the Hat raffle!

Information on this shop tour, as well as all others can be found on the "Events" page of the KCKA web site. http://www.kansasknives.org/News.html

Phil's address is below:
594 S.E. 40th
Columbus, KS 66725