Just wanted to update everyone


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I will continue to pray for you. You had me worried when you described the pain you were in and the doctor in Washington who was "giddy" over your situation. Glad you're getting some relief. Like I said I will keep you in prayer and your family too.


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Once again, many thanks to everyone for your support and prayers..... it's what has kept me fighting!

Went in for another Bronchoscope this morning..... the stuff in my lungs has grown extensively since Oct, and they are trying to find out if it's an infection, or something caused by the supposed Lupus. It was fairly quick today....was in and out before noon! Worst part this time was they didn't knock me out..... just numbed up my throat and went for it....that was one odd experience. Probably won't get any word on the scope until after Christmas. Speaking of that, I wish all of you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! Enjoy the season, the love of family and friends....... and most important, remember what it's all about!
Dang, Ed! Glad to hear of the good (better?) news. I can only imagine how many people are lifting you up to the one who we are celebrating. If you could only see how many people you bless, here and I imagine everywhere you go.-and how God is using this to bring scores of us to our knees for you. Thanks for keeping everyone posted. It sounds like even doing that would be a struggle. I will continue to keep you in prayer- and your wife and family, too. This must be very hard for them too. And hearing an admonition from you, with what you are going through right now, to "remember what it's all about" rings loud and clear in my heart!
God Bless- and I hope for you and yours that 'peace that surpasses all understanding' this Christmas.