Just wanted to update everyone

Ed, we met at this last Blade Show and talked briefly. Well, you took the time to talk, share and I felt the interest you exuded. I was impressed with your genuine friendliness and would have loved to spend an afternoon talking with you. Thanks for that, sincerely.

I have a family member who went through a similar experience, lymphoma, the treatments, and now is fully recovered.
I wish the same results for you !
Keep a positive attitude. Sending my prayers for you.



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Chest tube is out, and lung is holding! Pain is fairly tolerable with the tube gona.... get to go home in a while!! Start lung treatments at 9am on Monday. I know the battle has only started, but my sincere thanks to all my prayer warrior friends, and our wonderful Knifemaking community.


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Finally got outta the pokey (hospital)..... It's so much better typing on my shop computer, versus on the iphone. :)

I suspect my road to recovery is just beginning..... but can't thank everyone enough for the prayers and well wishes. I have little doubt that I'll be spending far more time on the computer, then at the forge or grinder for a while, so bear with me while I go stir crazy. :) Maybe I can be productive by writing up some new articles for the website and/or KnifeMakerTraining. Any knife subject you'd like information on? Recently I started an article on how details impact the usability of a knife, but kinda scraped it when I realized that it would come out sounding like I'd be trashing a certain segment of knifemakers. :confused:


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Good news to hear you're home - SO MUCH BETTER at home. Please do write to share some of your knowledge. I've learned so much from you over the years from reading your posts and articles. About the only thing we disagree on is life of a good industrial or marine type epoxy {grinning}.

Hang in there - the knifemakers need you around for many years to come.

Ken H>


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Sitting at the cancer center, with a needle in my arm, pumping in Retuxan. The Oncologist said that since this helped previously, and because they've already got the biopsies they need..... this can't hurt. I did find out that the initial flow cytromitry on the biopsies showed no cancer, but the samples still must be reviewed by a pathologist. They did send the biopsies to the Mayo Clinic for that, which means it will add time before the results come back...but because this thing I have is so rare (only 700 known cases in the U.S.) the Mayo is likely the foremost authority on it. They scheduled a follow up with the Doc on the 30th, which seems like a long time to me.....but I did speak with his nurse, and she assured me that if any results come in, or any information at all, she would contact me. Looking around this place, I'm amazed at how many people in little old Great Falls, MT. are fighting/suffering with this terrible stuff!


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two very good friends whom have received treatment at the Mayo and they are the best.
I totally agree! The Minnesota Mayo had me for 5 days in 2009 when this thing was diagnosed, and I have never see such care, concern, or sheer professionalism from any medical facility. I think I mentioned it previously, but they were hoping to send me back again for this encounter, but the earliest available appt for outpatient was Jul 19.... and the Doc here (nor me) wanted to wait that long. I've just about made it through this first retuxan in over a year..... spent a couple of hours really wonky and half conscious, but think I'm coming out of it, here, towards the end. Based on previous times, I'll be wacked out until about noon tomorrow, and then should be able to putter around a bit afterward. See, bored outta my gourd.....just babbling on and on. :)


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Ed I wish you the best!! I've never met you but you have helped my knife making and tool selection so much! One of these days I hope to meet you so you need to beat this thing!! That is being selfish!! LOL!! In all seriousness get well soon I look forward to your commentary on this forum!