Just wanted to update everyone


"The Montana Bladesmith"
For about the last 1 1/2 months I've been down sick, with a severe cough when trying to speak, and a lot of muscle pain. After 4 trips to the Docs, and two round of antibiotics, is didn't clear up. Last week they did a chest CT on me, and today the results came back....not what I was hoping to hear. Enlarged lymph nodes, and the spots on my lungs (that I've been battling for a decade) have increased in size and density. Headed to the Oncologist tomorrow for a review of the CT and hopefully a game plan. They've already referred me to a surgeon, saying at the very least they want more biopsies. There's also a referral in the works to send me to the University of Washington med center. I would suspect at the very least treatments will start again, and not really sure when I'll be able to work again. Please keep Cindy and I in your prayers! I'll do my best to keep everyone posted.

Chris Railey

My LORD, the one true GOD You know Ed and his family and you know what he has done for the people gathered here and elsewhere. We now come before You to ask Your healing for Ed. Please let the healing be a true miracle so that no one but You may receive the glory. In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen and Amen.

C Craft

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Prayers for you and your family Ed.

Tell that Doc. you got a brand new anvil waiting for you, so lets get me feeling better quickly!!


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Good luck Ed - keep us updated with progress. I remember a couple years ago when you had such a hard time finding the problem. I was hoping 'n Praying you were all healed and problems a thing of the past. Ken H>


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Very sorry to hear about your condition. Very best wishes to you and your family. I'll be praying for you.