Just quick update

Been coming here for months really have nothing to post about my knives, my knives look like crap, compared to all the knives I have seen on here, hope one day be as nice as all on here. I did post a pic of one I am working on, I dont have no fancy milling machine, lathe. All the work done by files, drill press, rotary tool(dermal), and a homemade tool which is a Harbor Freight trim router that mounted to a .156" piece of stainless steel...see pics. In this tool I have made several jigs for it I use tungsten carbide bits I use several for different ways just depends. Hope to one day own at least a lathe and use rotary table on it to cut in pockets for caged bearings, try do this on my drill press but cold not get perfect depth, so just skipped it and use bronzes washers. Have attached some pics, some pics show with a purple color that is after I anodized the titanium liners, purple is my fav color on a knife, also anodized the Titanium torx 2-56 screws too
I used the USA knifemakers Drill template, @BossDog thanks for created that :)
****Knife Specs***
-.156" CPM-S30V blade steel
-.070" Titanium liners (Anodized Purple)
.165"x.1875" with a .090" clearance hole for 2-56>>>SKD(Steve Kelly Design) Titanuim standoffs (Anodized Purple)

30725155_1045579155579978_2738369093726738132_n.jpgimage-2018-10-17 (2).jpgimage-2018-10-17 (3).jpgimage-2018-10-17 (4).jpgimage-2018-10-17 (5).jpgimage-2018-10-17 (6).jpgimage-2018-10-17 (7).jpgimage-2018-10-17 (8).jpgimage-2018-10-17 (9).jpgimage-2018-10-17.jpg

Chris Railey

Folders are different animals altogether, my hat is off to you for the one in the pictures. Keep at it I cannot wait to see what your 50th knife looks like.