June Meeting


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Good to hear you should be able to make it down Allen. Look forward to seeing you.


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Well a few photos of last nights little get-to-gather.

First off a BIG congratulations to Bud Richards and Tad Lynch for achieving their J.S. stamps:35:
And their cakes.

Murph told them before testing that if they past he would buy them a cake and boy did he:35:

Two deservingly proud fellows there.

A couple of pics of Bud’s test knives


After everybody had their fill of cold cuts and cake Bill Kirkes submitted his knife for the ABS Journeyman performance test administered by M.S Lin Rhea.

My photos of this was awful so maybe Murph and Allen will post some better photo’s.
It was a really good night for all. Well when is it not a good time when a bunch of knife guys get-to-gather? :les:


Allen Newberry

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It was certainly a good time! I was quite happy for Bud and Tad and it was great to have to opportunity to actually watch Bill Kirkes do his ABS performance test. I took a few photos and got a video of Bill bending his knife. Hopefully some of them turned out and hopefully I can figure out how to post up the video. Till then you can see a couple of photos here: www.facebook.com/newberryknives and the video is here: www.facebook.com/allennewberry