Is poplar popular?


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My boy (age 50) came across some poplar logs here in N. Calif and we’ve milled some gorgeous burly slabs. I’m into wood stabilizing using Cactus Juice and love the process and the results. I get stainless knife blanks from the BIG DOG who sponsors this forum, and I make kitchen cutlery using stabilized wood handles. My question is this : will poplar wood work well for knife handles? It’s very light weight, but that might be just the thing for its intended use. Post pix of your poplar/cottonwood/aspen knife handles if you got 'em. Looking for feedback on durability.
I’ve used stabilized poplar burl from Raffir USA. Worked good, looked good. Hint: you can use your vacuum chamber to dry wood. Water boils at a lower temperature under a vacuum, so pull it under a vacuum and boil it dry at room temps.
Most any wood is just fine if properly stabilized - the cleaned blocks should either sink, or just barely float in water. As far as it being popular, just look at the figure in the finished scales. Be sure to post photos for us to admire :)