Irish Woods

Chris Martin

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Hey fellas,

I was wondering what Irish woods would be suitable for a knife handle?

My son Devin was just born on the 28th and I want to celebrate by making a blade in his name!:biggrin:

Any idears my brothers and sisters?

Thanks all,


Meridian Blades

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Hey Chris,
I believe there is an Irish Bog Oak, which is very dark ....basically black. Very expensive, but the real deal. Suppose to be thousands of years old, and rare. Theres also Irish Yew which looks a lot like redwood to me, but more brownish in color. Otherwise I would googler up and see what else you can find.

Good luck............-Larry

Chris Martin

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Hey Larry,

Thanks for your input bud. I did google a couple times. But I was wanting more of an opinion from someone that has used them. Price is not a concern since it will be a special blade for myself and eventually my son as he gets old enough to understand.

I will look into that Bog Oak and see if I can find someone over there to send it to me...;-)

Thanks for your help bro!



I read about an american company that was importing the whole trees into the USA cannot find the article now I believe it was Wood magazine, it reaal was a good article good luck Howard