Introducing Blade.... the newest "KnifeDog"


"The Montana Bladesmith"
Brought the new lab pup home yesterday. Papered name is Caffrey's Blade-Smith, common name is Blade :)......

The ride home....

He got sick a couple of times on the trip.....his first time in a vehicle.

Once home we got him introduced to the "clan", and after a bit of food and a drink....he did just what new puppies do...... Crashed.

The first night wasn't too bad. He had a hissy fit when I put him in the kennel, but I sat with him for a few, calming him down, and set a radio next to the kennel, and he was off to sleep. We were up at 5am this morning.... and time to introduce him to the shop....

The bed that Hammer normally stays on under the bench.....the pups got a lot of growing to do, in order to fill that spot!

After a short nap, he discovered the water bowl......even a little guy's gotta quench his thirst.



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Ed nice, had a few labs , yellow my fave......
I do see another set of paws in picture 5 , hows the other dog liking the new member


"The Montana Bladesmith"
The old lab (Hammer) is pretty much indifferent. The legs you see belong to Boomer, who is a cattle dog....he's a different story.... we call him our "Freaky Boy". He keeps an eye on the pup, and if the pup gets too close.... Boomer is GONE!


"The Montana Bladesmith"
Whew! Its like having a newborn human baby in the house. Last night he woke me up about 1am....squalling like it was the end of the world. Nothing like a puppy with the "squirts"....his entire bedding was "YUK". Outside we go at 1am. and I'm washing out bedding in the laundry sink....and getting it in the washer. Found some new bedding, and as soon as things where cleaned up, he went right back to sleep in his kennel.....then he woke me up at 5am.....but to his credit, he held it until we got outside. :)

Just another adventure in raising a new puppy! :)