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Brad Singley

Hello everyone! I'm Brad Singley and live here in Griffin, GA. Fulltime Firefighter/EMT and on my days I'm not there I am in the shop building knives. Married 12 years to Lisa and we have 2 wonderful children, ages 9 & 7.
I achieved my JS rating with the ABS in 2007. Still working towards my MS rating, maybe one day. For my hobby I enjoy flying our Cessna 172 about once a week or so. Whenever the weather is cooperating.
This is the knife I finished up a couple of days ago for a collector. Blade is 1080 steel, hand forged with a stainless steel guard and a textured African Blackwood handle.
Just wanted to say hello and I look forward to being here. Thanks.



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I saw this knife in progress at Brad's shop - it really turned out magnificent!
Very fine Brad.

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welcome to the forums...nice lines with good balance. A deers foot.
I like that one..