Information on selling a webpage????


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I am recently retired and looking to sell my webpage URL. They are '' and ''. I want to sell both at the same time. I've had these since the late 1980's when we had to type in code since there were no apps to write pages at that time. The beauty of them is that they have the key words in the URL which makes them come up quickly for anyone looking for a damascus knife. Even if the buyer has a webpage presently, these can be set up so that they automatically transfer to the page already owned.

Anyway, does anyone have any experience in how to sell them and after that how to transfer them in a way that works safely for me and the buyer?

Sean Jones

Well-Known Member is where I've listed domain names before.

You're just selling the Domain name not the entire website. Which is really what you want to do anyways. Otherwise all your knife images etc would be out there for grabs.
You can get a general idea of the value of your domain names here, and also how to either sell outright or put up for auction. It can take a while to sell domain names. However I think yours would be worth it to many knife makers.

GoDaddy makes the entire transfer process fairly transparent. If you would like some help with it let me know.