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Well I have had half a dozen e mails in the last month or so that all basically went like this,

" I just got one/a set of your kitchen knives and the are rusting and now I am very disappointing with the quality of your product."

Well every kitchen knife that I have ever made now lives in the kitchen of my wife or Mother (that I recall) and I have certainly never made a kitchen knife set, so it can't be me....

I have replied to each one asking for more info but never get any. One person did mention they got them at Wal-Mart....

All the emails have come though my web site and they have all been VERY similar. I dont know what to make of it, but since they are not really looking for me, it's not a big deal....

Maybe I should change my buisness name to ST. GEORGE.... Yeah I think the ST suits me! :)

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St. George!
It has a certain ring to it doesn't it?


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It has a ring to it Boss, but for some reason it makes me think that the heavens may fall and fire and brim stone may strike Corpus Cristi.

So, Les, which Wal-Mart do I need to visit to get my Les George kitchen Knives? Is the VECP carried in sporting goods or fashion accessories? :D


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George , It kind of sounds like a fishin e-mail ? might be tryin to hack your computer ??? I received one similar but it was about some handle material ? I dont sell handle material ... Received about 7-8 of them also, no answers ? I scanned my computer later and found some malicious tracking cookies. Sometimes a name change is a good idea ? Bubba

Gary B

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Hey Bro. Bubba has it right on the nose. I get those once in awhile too and I always delete them without opening. And definately never answer one. You might want to run a malware program and clean that junk out.:2:

Les George

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Its not a virus thing, they are filling out the form on my web site... may be fishing for free knives but thats about it...