I'm Back!

Rusty McDonald

Sorry for the hiatus, had some family things happen and had to take a break, My father-in-law passed and the wife needed me for a bit and I got sick during that time. But I'm back and will pester the heck out of Murphy as much as I can until I see one of his knives!

And I wanted to Thank Tracy and Dave for such a great forum.


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Well, Rusty, I'm getting closer. I just got back from hanging lights in the new shop (storage unit). I have a few little neckers that I'm working on right now that I'm pretty pleased with and a 8" bowie. I need to finish them all and will be working on them a bit more here in a little while. A couple of more trips and I'll have everything moved.

Glad to have you back and hope the family is doing well. Hope you are feeling better than when we spoke on Friday (you sounded like.......).

Denny Eller

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Hey Rusty,
I am sorry for your loss. Please extend my condolences to your wife and family. It's good to have you back. Denny