If you're sick of the pop ups and ads (all over the net) and use Chrome Browser


"The Montana Bladesmith"
After seeing a couple of posts where folks mentioned how the pops ups and ads bugged them, I thought I would offer a suggestion. IF you use Google Chrome as your internet browser, there is a free extension you can get called "Privacy Badger".

Its an extension that works in the background on Chrome browser. Just do a google search of "chrome addons" and once there, search of Privacy Badger. I've been using it for approx a year, and so far its kept the ads and popups at bay. One word of caution, on some websites it blocks too much.....so if you're on a website, and not seeing things you'd otherwise expect to, you might want to disable Privacy Badger for the site.

I learned that from one of my email accounts...... links, photos...... nothing outside of the email text would appear.....come to find out that Privacy Badger was blocking all of it. I'm sure there are other things out there that do the same thing, but this chrome extension has worked well for me.
I've been using AdBlocker for a yr or so. Works good, some websites block access until you turn AdBlocker off, but you can always just open the site in incognito window.