If I had the room

Indian George

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Wow, that looks like one heck of a machine, could probably use some de-rusting but I imagine it still runs good


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Yea, I'd pay a c note for that in a skinny minute. Even if I had to replace the motor, it would be a cool tool to have in the shop. If only it was closer to home....


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I have one similar to that but on a smaller scale, uses regular hacksaw blades. It's slow but it works. Haven't used it in years.

Indian George

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Come on IG, ya know you want it.
Yep!!! That's for sure.:biggrin: I got to start making knives, instead of getting, building and repairing tools.:13: I still have to get the Logan lathe running, wire up a new controller, finish building a a new LP system for my welding forge, clean and paint my Indian Chief post-vise and etc.:s11779:


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You wouldnt regret getting it, my bro has one he got for a 50 spot at a grage sale and once we found a source for blades that thing is sweet, old school auto feed and all.


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My grandpa had one just like that. Unfortunately it sold on the auction a year and a half ago. Before I got into knife making.:2:

Wish I had known that I was going to get into knife making back then, he had quite a few things that I would have liked to have had.:34: