I passed on an old family heirloom to my son today.

Calvin Robinson

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I bought this Yazoo mower new in 1976,I paid $110.00 for it. I used it regularly for more than 20 years. The last time I used it was about 4 or5 years ago. I hope he gets many more years of use out of it.

C Craft

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Calvin, that reminds me of an old mower my dad had when I was a kid. His had a tricycle front end on it and the engine that was on it wasn't the original that was on it. It had a big 10hr. B&S on it, so to counter the weight he had a couple of old window weights wired to the front end of it. The belt that ran it had to be taken off to be able to crank the motor by hand. Once it was running you threw a twist in the belt from the deck pulley and the motor was on a pivot and you leaned it forward and let the motor down on the belt, (and watch out fingers).
It use to scare the heck out of me to put that belt on and it usually took me a couple of tries to get the timing right. I kinda liked keeping the fingers attached where they were!!! One thing I remember about that old gal if you could run over it, you could cut it. I remember we used to keep a path mowed back through the back pasture, (so we could get to the creek), with it when there wasn't livestock in the pasture! You could rare it up on those bicycle wheels in the rear and cut down four and five foot stuff without ever stalling it! That is twice this week that your posts have brought back ole memories for me!

I am sure your son will get many good years out of that on as well. They were built to last! Not like they build things now days!
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