I made home-made Pizza for supper tonight

C Craft

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It actually turned out pretty well. I used the store bought loaves of bread dough, you can buy in the freezer section of the supermarket!! I don't own a pizza pan, so no problem I can make pizza in cookie pan!! So I rolled out the crust, (no I can't toss pizza crust)! It had, pizza sauce, sweet Italian sausage, mushroom, green peppers, red onion, tomatoes, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese on top of sauce and again on top of everything! It really turned out well I thought!

So now here is the dilemma! I totaled our cheap pizza cutter a year ago, (what the hey I never liked it anyway)!! So this pizza is cooked in a cookie pan, like the one in the pic! So I have a cheap block of knives, (heck of a thing for a knife maker to say, huh)! There is a chiefs knife similar to this one.1533603555838.png1533603829460.png

It' got fair steel so I keep it sharped up! So to work it out in the steel pan I use heel of the knife at the square edge and press down! I figure you are dulling it only slightly more than you would cutting against a hard cutting board.
So you make the first cut with the heal at the edge of the pan, turn the knife around and use the heel against the opposite side of the pan and, wham you are done!!

So the wife decides she wants another piece but not as big as I had the pieces cut!! So I look over there and she is sawing back and forth on the piece of pizza and against the steel pan.

Before I could stop myself! I say hey, you are dulling the heck out of my knife, sawing back and forth on that steel pan!!

She looks at me and says, these are my knives as well,...……. silence,...…... cricket's chirping.

She lets that hang there for just a second and continues with,...……... o_O since these are our knives,.........I am dulling my half!!! :mad:

:rolleyes: Yes ma'am you have a point there!! Would you like more tea with your pizza. Sometimes you have to know when to pick your battles!! :D
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John Wilson

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And that is exactly why everyone needs a set of Forschners! They are really good knives and you don't have to have a stroke when your wife tosses it in the sink or uses it like a guillotine on carrots...


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While my wife is "usually" pretty good about cutting only on wood, there are times when she isn't as careful. I've learned a long time ago it's easier to re-sharpen the knife than try to change her.

C Craft

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Well honey....go ahead and sharpen your half....
Oh, h311 no! Ted do you remember these, Sharpening wheel.jpg
You can ruin a knife in a New York second!! Side splitting laughter.jpgActually I doubt that she has ever sharpened a knife in her life!! But after 41 years I don't push the subject too much. She knows where I sleep, if you know what I mean!! :p

C Craft

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I guess I am the lucky one my wife will not use my kitchen knives because they are "too sharp". To which my 12 year son replied "there is no such thing"...
My Dad use to gather all of the cutting knives in the house about every 4 months or so and sharpen them! Every time he brought them back to the house he would tell my mother, "you know if you would quit throwing them in the drawer with everything else, they would stay sharp longer", he finally put up a magnetic bar for her to stop that!
However when my sharpened a knife you could shave with it. he also would tell my mother, "now don't throw them down in the dish water or your gonna cut your dang fool finger off"! My Dad had a way with words! :D
She finally quit throwing them in the dish water when one day she reached in to get something out of her dishwater and cut her pointer finger to the bone. Several stitches later and the sharp knives waited on the counter, when washed they were dried and hung on the magnetic strip Dad had put up for her!!