I hate thieves

Ty Adams

In the 15 years that I have lived in my house, my truck has been broke into 3 times. The propane bottles and battery have been stolen off my camper. Last night someone broke into my garage. Thankfully the dog scared them off.
Why people think they deserve what you work hard for is beyond me?

C Craft

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Yep kind of like the old saying, I got posted at the back door of my house.
upload_2017-12-4_9-7-2.jpeg Posted that after they tried to kick in my back door and the wife was home. What they didn't know was she was standing on the other side with a 45 auto in her hand, after the first kick!! Believe me she can shoot a pistol! I ain't never been so mad in my life when I found out about it. The cop that came out says, "well it don't look like they got in"!

Nope or you would be making a call to the coroners about now!! Then I told him, I am a fairly nice guy you come and knock on my front door and tell me you are down on your luck. I will do the best I can to feed you or help out! However if you come on my property and steal from me, whoa be your butt! I don't care if it is a cold dog turd laying in the yard, it don't belong to you and you best not steal it from my me!!!

Castle doctrine my hiny, my castle starts at the property line and you best respect that!!
We have an innate sense of right and wrong given to us by our Creator. When our rights our violated by some other person...that knows better...cause they have been given that same sense of right and wrong...it angers us. Most of us have had to work very hard for what we have. To have someone waltz off with things necessary to our existence mean they are in fact saying...."your life doesn't matter...but MINE does."

I had $700 in seasoned lodgepole pine logs stolen off my property 2 years ago. After venting my frustration to a friend that understand law very well...he explained to me that since I did not have any "No Trespassing" signs posted on my property that if one of the theives got injured moving those big logs...I would be liable. Signs were up the next day...town folk were furious that I would post something so in your face like that. regardless of the fact that the TEAM of thieves that stole them had to learn my schedule from someone... Some of them wanted to have a "meeting" about this. (didn't happen of course...you know...umm rights and all that...lol) Sheesh....

Sorry Mayberry!
Guys...be very careful stating your personal home protection "policy" in writing on any forum. It could come back to bite you should you ever need to enforce it...:(

I know we get hot on these type of topics and probably overstate things a bit.;)

Ty Adams

My biggest frustrations with this problem is that all of it is fairly new. Billings has almost doubled in size in the past 5 years. With that the crime rate is getting out of hand. I live in a good neighbor hood, but no one is safe right now. You can't open your garage while you are home out of fear of someone seeing what you own.

I would have paid good money to see the look on that person's face when they realized that there was a #70 pitbull in the garage with them.
"I would have paid good money to see the look on that person's face when they realized that there was a #70 pitbull in the garage with them."

Lol!!! Priceless....


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Sorry to hear about the break ins Ty. Folks that honor and appreciate decency are always (or it seems) the target of unscrupulous individuals. I had a brand new John Deere lawnmower stolen a couple of years ago. Without going into a lot of detail - it was apparent it was a well planned and executed theft. The fact that it was so pre-meditated worried my greatly.
It's also sad that we will always have to put up with individuals like that.


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I've had bad things happen in the last few years that I won't go into here, there's a lot of sewer rats roaming the streets, older ones that should be in there rightful place, prison. and younger ones that have parents that don't care or even condone their actions. and finally, we have a justice system that puts people thru revolving doors instead of locking them up for the time that our laws recommend. and if your under 18 the law does nothing.

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It always amazes me that the ones that get robbed are the hard working folk! I would love to know how to program a PC or for that matter even write a program. But those with such knowledge would rather sit at home and for no better reason than they can write a program that can destroy your PC. Or write a program where they can fraudulently drain someones accounts!!

About five years ago we had a ring of thieves from teenage hoodlums up to and including those who were old enough to drive. Lets just say for principles they lived in the sub-division behind me! They had everyone in the neighborhood scared of them. I knew who they were and they knew I knew who they were. That had been robbing everyone for about 10 blocks from me. I finally had enough, they had stolen stuff out of my yard several times.

I called the local sheriffs office and they sent an investigator out to my house!! Well we don't know who they are. Really you see that trailer right behind me one of them lives there and the other four or five live in the same trailer park, except for two. They come here in a vehicle. It got so bad there was a new break-in every night. One weekend after I put the dog on two I caught trying to break into my storage shed about 2:30 AM on night! They wanted to sit a bait car in my yard. One with stuff they were commonly stealing from the locals. When you open the door the video starts running and it's gottcha! I told the investigator not to go in my back yard cause the kid that was a big part of it would know they were not from around here, and he was alway watching me!! They went out there anyway and the kid seen them. No dice on the bait car they knew something was up and would not touch it!!

Two weeks later I am at the local hardware store and look across the street and see the car that had been coming up to the trailer behind me. He was the fence for the bunch as, he could drive and would go to the next town to sell the stuff at the pawn shops. I reached in my wallet and pulled out the card for the investigator and told him, I was standing in front of the car that had been running with this gang of kids. I gave them a description and the license number and told him, this has got to stop they have scared my wife to death!! He told me to be careful as they had stolen a loaded 38 revolver from a house about a block from me and two nights later went into a house. He paused for a moment and then said, I believe they knew the owner was at home. Since they stole the gun they have been getting braver and braver!

About a week or so later I called the investigator if they had caught them. He told me yes and part of that was the tip about the car, I had given them. They were following it one night and their was three in the vehicle. The investigator lost them at 4 in the morning. When he found the car again, no one was in the car except the driver. He put a patrol car on the vehicle and started backtracking to where he lost the vehicle. There was a large stip of woods that had not been developed. He spotted a flashlight so he parked and went after the light. Runs head on, on a trail thru the woods with one of the kids. He has a back pack on and takes off. When the investigator caught up to him he did not have the backpack anymore. So he called for a squad car and with the kid sitting it out in the back of the car, him and another officer go back into the woods looking for the backpack and they found it!

To make an even longer story short the kid got nervous and started talking a little bit. He takes the kid to his house, wakes his drunk Mama up and tells her, that junior is in trouble. She admits he has some stuff in his bedroom and she doesn't think it is his, (REALLY)!! He went to the bedroom and pulled out over $800.00 of stolen items. Junior begins to talk and takes down all the others with him.

Now the rest of the story. The were all juvies except for the driver. The juvies basically got a slap on the wrist and were turned loose. One condition from the judge was that might want to leave this county. As if he saw them before his bench again, he would throw the book at him. Two left the county and another moved to another city. The driver was charged with two counts of selling stolen goods. He did time in the county lock-up!

Now here is the real kicker. The kid that went down first told the investigator that the night they went into the house with the occupants asleep, that night they had the gun and were prepared to shoot someone!!!!!! Gun was never found and everyone but the kid who told the story denied their was any truth to it!

Bottom line just because these were juvies / kids they knew they could get away with it and did!! No more of the estimated to be $3K to 5K of stuff they had stolen was ever recovered except small items that could tie all of them into the crimes, such as cameras, cell phones, a toolbox full of tools and other stupid stuff they had kept. The four wheeler they stole and a canoe was never recovered. They accredited over 20 bicycles that came up missing while this was going on were never found or could not be tied into their little crime wave!! That is how they would get away from the crime scene. They stole a bicycle and alway dumped them at least a block or more from their home!! The little creep that they caught first was instrumental in filling a lot of blanks in the story!!

So when someone is stealing from you, you had better see nothing else but thief, as you may not have the privilege of making the mistake of saying, but he was only a kid. A kid that Mama and Daddy if they have both in their life, don't give a damn where they are or what they are doing as long as they are not bothering them. Just about the moment you say, but he was only a kid is long enough for him to shoot you!!!


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Wow, C Craft! You did your part to get them under arrest. Your story almost reminds me how brave some kids are getting.......think flash mobs.

C Craft

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opaul, That bunch made two mistakes. They stole from me but, worse than that they scared my wife. You can mess with me and you will come out a whole lot better than messing with my family.

When we was kids we used to call someone and ask them, is your refrigerator running, why yes it is, you better go catch it then. Or the old, have you got Prince Albert in the can. Yes, well you better let him out!!

That was considered being a little heathen back in the day,............ somehow it doesn't begin to compare to today's bunch of "kids"!

Of course I guess I should also say I grew up in a little town of 480 people, right smack in the middle of Nebraska. Everyone knew everyone, if I got in trouble my Mother knew it before I got home. Sometimes small town upbringing ain't so bad!!

I think one our biggest problems in society today is no one is raising the kids. The family unit has completely fallen apart. No don't get me wrong, I commend any one parent body that is truly raising the child, and I have seen some great single parents. However like I said, most parents today don't care what the kids are doing as long as they are not bothering them!!! If a kid has no one to instill values in them as a kid, they probably will never get that as they get older!!! Kids are most important asset in this world. Love them nurture them but above all teach them right from wrong, or you will have to deal with that failure in the future. Another of our biggest problems is we all want better for our children and we give them too much. Without them learning they must work for what they get at a young age, well............ another lesson most will never learn or they will learn it too late if ever!!

Sorry, it just tears me up when I turn on the news and 2 1/2 year old girl has come up missing and the live-in boyfriend has no idea where they might be! Yes they do, him and mama, (and I use that term very lightly) took the child down the street and dumped the her lifeless body in a pile of trash! Oh did I mention he kicked her in the head and killed her because she did not want to sit in her car seat after being home for three hours.
Or the one where the three year old disappeared in the middle of the night. The live-in boyfriend told her to go back to bed at 3 AM when she woke up, and when they awoke the next morning, she was gone. They found her in a lake a couple of days ago. The live-in boyfriend had carried her body there during the night and weighted it down and threw her in the lake.
Am I missing something or is their a common thread here. Girls you are a mother first and foremost, quit moving dead beat, piece's of garbage into your home, just to satisfy your labido!!!!

OK I am getting off of my soap box! Hopefully I won't lose my membership for this, as I know this is probably not the place. Sometimes I just have to say something or it gets to me!!
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Well C craft, I'll tell you a story that has a nice ending.
A few years ago, present day Ma Barker and her brethren of illiterates moved into a rental house in my neighborhood.
in short order a house was burglarized. then another, then I stopped by my house at 1:00 in the afternoon one day during work....they got me.
These dregs sat on their porch and watched when people went to work and when they got home.
So...up go the security cameras on the miller house. so one morning the wife tells me those animals were on their porch raising hell at two in the morning.....well lets take a look see at the cameras. there they are...toting a big screen tv across the street, followed by two gun cases, followed by more stuff.
another person saw one carry a rifle away to his house, BAM...the cops go to that kids house and he spews the beans, they came to my house and downloaded the videos. now here is where god works in strange ways, when he did my house he was 17...a juvenile...on probation for burglary.
when they charged him for my neighbors house he just turned 18...an adult.
The state wanted to give him 15-20, he pled guilty and accepted 10 years with no early release because firearms were involved.
His first three months were in a youth prison but got transferred to an adult prison to finish his 10 years.
If I remember correctly...between 18 and 28 were some of the best years of my life.

Back to Ma Barker, the police came back to that house and she put the family pit bull on the police...chased him across the yard till he turned and shot it dead twice. I was in my shop when that happened, got that on video to. the following day they moved.....hopefully not to a neighborhood near you.
Sorry you had to go through all those troubles with your neighbors. Sad part is the pitbull was mishandled by it's owner and paid the ultimate price for ignorant people.


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Those miscreants had no business owning pets, dog control came out several times over that dog. It killed one of there other dogs and they took it away once for not having shots or tags. Those people were truly white trash to the bone.

C Craft

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Back to Ma Barker, the police came back to that house and she put the family pit bull on the police...chased him across the yard till he turned and shot it dead twice. I was in my shop when that happened, got that on video to. the following day they moved.....hopefully not to a neighborhood near you.
Now now the scum has to rise somewhere but does it always have to be on my street!!! LOL That is like the lady next door white trash and her children fell not to far from the tree. One son in and out jail/prison. She has four daughters and out of the four three are either in jail/prison or just got out!!The one son on one of his trips home he decides to beat his girlfriend one morning while I am walking the dog. I heard the slaps/fist and heard her scream God help me, no no don't and then a smack and total quite.
I went to my back door and hollered at my wife I was turning the dog in and headed next door. Someone just got the hell beat out of them or killed. If I ain't back in a few diall 911.
I went to the door and knocked the newly released parole come to the door. Yaa, what do yo want?? Well I just come to see if everyone was OK as I heard a woman screaming help me God. You ain't heard no such thing. He looks at me with that crazy look and I am thinking junior I am gonna run thru and out the other side.
All of the sudden Mama comes up behind him and says, Oh yes you heard me praying to the Lord. I looked at her and told her, his hands tell another story but, since your face ain't all busted up I guess it wasn't you. I turned and told them have a good day.

Two weeks later I get up and take the dog out again and her back door is laying in the yard. Seems junior and his live-in junkie girlfriend got kicked out of the house and they had came back last night ripped the back door off of its hinges and stole everything that wasn't nailed down!!

A month later her Grandson is running with another smash and steal gang and they had cut my back fence to make it easier to get from one neighbor hood to another. I saw the lady next door in her yard and told her about the fence and that I knew who two of the four were, and one of them is your Grandson. Well you be sure and tell the police his name. What would that be and she told me I nodded walked across my back yard and dialed the po-po at the same time. Didn't do a lot of good! They said unless I had evidence they were on my property they couldn't do anything.

However shortly there after one of my neighbors kid, comes up missing an expensive Xbox and the po-po had the Grandson on video at the pawn shop fencing the game!

Mama still lives next door but I think they finally got the idea, I don't scare easy and I don't mind putting them in jail. She ran off all the sorry kids of hers and now has a doggy mill. I have called the local dog pound here but they came out and they had the dogs locked inside, no one came to the door and they can't legally go in the back without cause. Really you didn't hear all them poor dogs whinning and barking. Come on that is not enough cause for you!!!!!

So don't send them my way Steve, I've got enough of my own. Funny though when I first moved here I was one of four houses on this street, knew everyone and everyone was good people. Now there is about 14 houses on this street, all the good folks have sold and what has come in behind them has been a group of sorry @$$ people. Dope peddlers, (but that is another story, they had to move cause they never payed rent in 6 months) paroles and wannna-be bad people. Problem is I can't afford to move so guess they gonna have to shape up or move out, cause I ain't moving!!

If I had the money I would go buy about 500 acres in the middle of no where and build right smack in the middle of it!! I'd make sure it had a streamI could fish in and deer to hunt and the only time somebody would see me is when I got to go to town for something, I couldn't make or grow myself!!!
If I had the money I would go buy about 500 acres in the middle of no where and build right smack in the middle of it!! I'd make sure it had a streamI could fish in and deer to hunt and the only time somebody would see me is when I got to go to town for something, I couldn't make or grow myself!!!
Me too, Cliff....me too. I stay pretty isolated in my shop...by choice. Seems every time I visit...I hear some garbled version of what I supposedly said...lol...I only know of one cure for that...500 ACRES!!! Lol.

In general the folks around here are nice...they just can never get a story straight....
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Ted, sometimes I think I was born about a 100 yrs. too late. The older I get though,............... the more I like the conveniences.

I can remember as a kid in Nebraska we lived in a small town of 480 people and we were the last house on the towns sewer system, and their was a bag in the line between our place and the next one. The sewer system froze in the dead of winter, when their wasn't enough running down it to keep it from freezing. They would pile old tires on the gravel road and burn them non stop for two or three days depending on how cold it had been. Just so the backhoe could dig down and fix the frozen line.

While it was frozen, it was bundle up, wade through knee deep snow or more to get to the out house. Then have to shovel or kick the snow out of the door just to get in. Summers were almost as bad, with the wasps and the smell!!

I grew up in house that would now be close to a 100 yrs old by now. Had no insulation and in the winter, (my bedroom was upstairs) no heat! You would put two or three quilts on the bed, dress up in your long johns and stand by the heater, (wood stove) until you got so hot you couldn't stand it no more. Run upstairs, dive in the bed and hope you could get the bed warm before all the heat left your body!!
You would wake in the morning and the condensation of your breath inside and the cold wind outside, their would be a 1/4 " of ice on the inside of the window. But you never left the bed till you had to the next morning!

The worst I ever seen it was in the early 60's we had a clipper out of Canada come down across Nebraska. With wind chill we were at 35* below one day and it snowed like a wild banshee for two days straight, 20 - 30 mph winds, and when the blizzard finally quit about three days later we couldn't get the doors open for the snow drifted in them. During that blizzard I slept downstairs in a bed roll close to the wood heater. When we found out how high the snow was I told my Dad I thought I could get out the window over the stairs if it wasn't froze shut. I went upstairs and went out a window that wasn't frozen shut, on top of the back porch. Jumped from the roof to the snow about 3' below the first story roof line.

Made my way out to the my Dad's shop, (that is where the tractor stayed in the winter). It had a heat system on it, set the throttle, give the ole gal a shot of ether and popped the crank over and off she went! That was an old Case tractor with a chain drive rear end. It went anywhere you wanted to go once you got her going. The last thing I remember my Dad saying when I jumped off the roof, remember that big lump out there in the drive is my truck!! LOL I actually had to use the tractor to push my way out of the shop!

One thing about those days, my folks never locked their doors at night till my Mama came home from town one day. She went in and thru the house to her bedroom. When she heard something she called out to my Dad thinking it was him and then she heard the back door open and slam shut! Someone was in the house the whole time.
I was in the Army and happened to call a day or two after that. I could tell by her voice it shook her up and she proceeded to tell me that they were going to start locking the house when they weren't at home and at night!! That was 1975 and I had just finished basic training and AIT and reached my permanent duty station!!

Yep, those were the good ole days!!! :eek: :D
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