I hate smart people!

C Craft

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Let me re-phrase that, I hate people who are smart enough to create viruses, malware, trojan's and worms, and scams or any combination of and are to damn lazy to use those smarts to get a real job making money!!

My PC has been down for about 48hrs now as I shut it down while trying to research whether this worm that popped up on my screen, and find out if it was for real and how to get it out of my PC.

I am in the living room the other night and my wife is about to look at her Facebook page, when she calls out my name. You see I can sense urgency in my wife's voice and I knew something was wrong!:biggrin:

So I came hauling hinny to the computer room and as I turned the corner, I said OK what has one of our children done wrong now!! She just points to the screen and here is a big box saying I have a virus capable of getting credit card numbers, bank accounts, blah blah, blah, please call, Windows Support at 1-800-................. for further instructions and as I am trying to copy the info down about the lover.worm, the screen goes black! I grabbed the mouse, right clicked and it comes up on the main screen and I am no longer on the net. I immediately did a power off. (Not recommended but in this case figured it couldn't hurt, I didn't have any data I was worrying about saving)!
I turned to the wife and laughed this is worse than something stupid one of our children posted on Facebook!! :what!: Not exactly sure what a worm is but it probably ain't good!!

Computer definition of worm: http://searchsecurity.techtarget.com/definition/worm
Turns out this one is a scam, that once you contact the number for Windows Support, and give them some info, you are screwed, cause that number is not Windows Support!!!

My daughter came over and with the help of her I phone we researched the worm and found out it couldn't really take over the PC. The online warning says, DO NOT CALL WINDOWS SUPPORT number! They also had instructions on how to get it out of your PC.

Shame on you smart people, that are too lazy to get a job!!! :9:


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That sucks C Craft. Ransomware schemes seem to be so prevalent on the net these days. I have had that "Oh Man!" moment where you jerk the network cable out of the wall a few times in my life. I would definitely run some virus scans on your PC anyway to see if anything got left behind. For those situations my go to program is Hitman Pro.


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Well, since you were able to recover it's wasn't a really "bad" ransomware. The really bad stuff will encrypt all data on computer and require a key to retrieve the info. There have been hospitals and even a police depart ("IF" I remember correctly) that had to actually pay the ransom to get their computer released from the ransomware. I've had it once or twice, but just formatted HD and installed OS. It's not a bad idea to reformat at least once/yr anyway - just to keep things clean.

I do try to keep important stuff backed up to an external HD that doesn't stay connected to computer - doesn't always work, but does keep "most" of it safe.

I can think of a good way to handle anyone convicted of virus stuff...... and they wouldn't do it anymore.

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C Craft

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Yep, I have already ran all the virus programs and such! This one was a scam rather than a ransom ware. They usually target the big dogs, me all I could have said, was knock yourself out cause there ain't no money to pay a ransom!!:biggrin:

There is a new one every day and, probably every hour for that matter! I just wish I had the smarts to understand how to write programs! The problems with these people is they got the smarts but not the initiative to do things right!!!!
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When I was in the Navy I was a system administrator for a couple different bases, Got trained in Windows and networking, got my Microsoft cert also. 15 years later all I run is Linux Mint. You couldn't give me a Windows OS ran computer. My computer has not been turned off in 6 years, other than power outages, I run NO virus or spy-ware software, and have never had a problem. The best part is Linux Mint is free, all Linux software and the software suites are free!!! LibreOffice, in my opinion is way better than MS Office and it is compatible with all MS Office documents. FreeCAD is as good as AutoCAD, and GIMP is a very powerful image program! And there is no Viruses, spy-ware or ransom-ware. The security is unbeatable.

C Craft

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Scott I have never heard of Linux Mint, so Googled them. I will have to look into this more as I have lost a total of 3 computers in the past 5-6 years to viruses that eventually caused a catastrophic failure.

I had one of the best, (supposedly) virus programs by Norton. When my last PC crashed I had them for only about 3 months. So when I got a new PC figured I could transfer the rest of the yearly contract to the new PC. NO WAY, this was not the PC that the contract was made for. No kidding it died and I had to buy a new one. We can't transfer it to another PC. OK I can't transfer anymore of my money into your company either!!

I will have to check out more about Linux Mint!!

Kevin Zito

If you put Linux on your machine, which I do not necessarily recommend, virus will be OVER. I hesitate to recommend bec for a regular computer user, this can be a tremendous pain in the blank. However, I say again... you will never say the words virus, worm, bla bla bla ever again. Let me say this:

Windows/mac = 1 by 30 harbor freight

Linux = bader, kmg, tw, ...

EDIT: The difference is even greater than my analogy implies.

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