I’m baaack....

One Armed

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Greetings friends. Been quite awhile since I’ve been around. Couple of you may remember me. I left all public forums & was not planning to return. But some words from a good friend, and I’ve been swayed to check in.

I actually went through a spell and didn’t touch a single blade. Unfortunately, my health leaves me little time afforded to work on my hobby projects. As I am also a Gunsmith/builder, the last year has been mostly given over to that genre. I also did some machining of small parts..Titanium & Tungsten Carbide. (Evil stuff to work on!) And I did some tool mods as well. Then I worked on a blade for a member & friend here. He asked me sometime ago if I could make a new handle for & sharpen a butchers knife he received in the 70’s. Doing that little bit lit a fire under my seat!

(Oh yeah.... the first of the “DIY” surface grinder attachments is still working fantastically!)

I added a 2nd tooling arm port to my grinder, and made a new platen assembly with a Granite platen surface.

I have a small batch of blades I need to get to Peters. (Everyone else get the notice they are moving...again?) These are all CPM3V.

And finally I have started on my frame lock folder design. Although I need to redo it, as I was using Draftsight 2018 CAD program. It ended in December(without my knowledge), and I lost my design. I only had this one printout.

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Glad to see you back. I know for the last yr you've been focusing on gun stuff. Good to have you back knifemaking again.

On losing the info on folder due to Draftsight becoming a "buy it" program, why did you loose the info? Isn't the dwg files still on your HD? nanoCAD is free and will read those dwg files just fine.

Drew Riley

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Good looking blanks.

I tried to use LibreCAD, and it wasn't nearly as good or intuitive as Draftsight or AutoCAD. That said, I'm used to AutoCAD, so maybe that is what tripped me up a bit.
I'd personally recommend Fusion 360, even for 2D drawings. If you sign up as a Hobbyist, it's free.


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Welcome back. I am also back. I had the same thing happen to me with Draftsight. Figured it was about time to learn something else so I got in to Fusion 360 which led to the purchase of a 3D printer. That's a nice looking folder.