How to use rigidizer?

Discussion in 'Knife Maker Shop Talk' started by Anvil, Apr 3, 2017.

  1. Anvil

    Anvil Member

    Im about to apply some PSH silicat rigidizer to my forge but it came with no instructions.
    I cant find any online either other than... safety gear, spray bottle.

    What im mostly wondering is... its blue liquid with 50% blue silicate crystals.
    sooooooo I cant keep the crystals and liquid mixed long enough to use it.

    Is this a normal thing?
  2. EdCaffreyMS

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    I can't speak to that specific product...... I've always used ITC-100, which provides increased insulation/heat reflection, and once dried is a rigidizer. ITC-100 comes as a heavy paste. I thin it down with water until it's the consistency of latex paint....then spritz the kawool with water, and paint on the ITC.

    The reason I've steered clear of the PSH is that as best I can tell, it requires a special "spray gun" to apply (when I last looked at it, they offered a "kit" with the PSH and spray gun in a package deal)..... which by the time you add the cost of the PSH and the ends up being more money (and less value) then ITC-100.
  3. Anvil

    Anvil Member

    Wow thats strange! But understandabe. I thought it seemed like something that meeds a special spray gun.
    I saw a video of it being applied with a water spray bottle like for plants and have read as such but for the life of me I cant see how that would work.
    ITC I would love to get someday but opted for the rigidizer because I cant really justify or afford the ITC atm.

    Just the one layer of kaowool, rigidizer, and one quarter inch or more of mortar, with a yellow fire brick wedged into the floor to take the abuse.

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