How do I multi color sheaths


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I want the out side 1/4" british Tan and the inside black how do you do dye multi color sheaths and keep it straight Thanks Anthony

wall e

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My GUESS is to just dye the center first with tape layed out for your pattern and wipe up the excess dye. Reverse for the out side and the lighter dye wont really show up over the darker. Is just a guess still learning Or you tube search it?


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I use an airbrush. it won't give definitive lines between the two dyes but it will give a fadeing color from one into the other. I do that pretty often, I like the effect.


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I used a flat brush and a (semi) steady hand on these.

Only dyed the edges on this one...

These are two toned.

The two toned sheaths were done with the lighter dye first.
Then the darker dye.
Darker will cover lighter, but not the other way around.

The groove and indents from the stamps make a good dividing line.

Hope this helps :D