How About A Bruce Bump Blade Gallery

Mike Barton

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It would really be great, if you can find the time, to put something together like Stephan did in his forum. :)

If nothing else, I'm sure a thread like that would create buckets of knife doggy drool all over the internet. :haha:

Curtiss Knives

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I'll second that motion! And to start it off:


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Bruce Bump

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Thanks for the prompt David.

The knives David posted are cut out at GLWJ from CPM S30V with micarta or G-10 scales. My 31 year old Son Michael Bump made these for swat members in our local PD. He is a code enforcement officer and their personal knife maker. Almost all the cops down there are packing Bumps now. We need to get some shots of the others as they come in for re-sharpening and put them up here.

I cant believe I have my own sub-forum. I always felt like a forum hog on BF because of all the pictures I post there but cant help it. Here if you get tired of being bombarded with images its your own fault for clicking here.

I work daily in the knife shop and frequently take pics of some processes so I can show my customers their knives in various stages of progress. These same shots make for a semi-interesting day by day thread so here I can post them for all to see. Its not always easy to give detailed info on each shot though because of the time that would take. Generally I try to answer questions if asked. Sharing what I know is half the fun but if you get to technical maybe somebody else can give better answers. I'm defineatly no Kevin Cashen so dont expect a half of page on each question.

Photobucket hosts for free and if that works here it will give huge images, big enough to fill a 19" monitor screen. That is their default size and it shows some great details with my Kodak EasyShare 7.1 mega pixel camera.

Our harddrive harbored so many pictures Kaye thought they were bogging down the computer so I saved them on a thumbdrive. I still have some of knives you've probally seen on BF but I will post a few and see if it works.

Here is the dagger still on the bench. If it sells at the Chicago Show next month it will pay for the entire trip. Is it OK to pray on these forums? hehe

Anyway, its a take down design with no alignment pins. About 200 layers of damascus 1084/15n20 with pressed Texas Wind patterned dies. Its hollow ground on a 5" wheel. All the other parts are 1018. Rear bolsters and frame is milled from one piece. The scales are mammoth ivory.


OK my Photobucket account works here!

Here is the dagger assembled just before sending it to Ken Hurst for the engraving.
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Bruce Bump

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Here is quick shot of the engraving from Ken. He is a master engraver of 50 years and it shows. He used a magic marker just to give an idea of what it will look like, I am going to use india ink to soak in the textured low areas and 4000 grit pink polishing cloth by hand to shine the tops. The fine details will show up great and I will get some better shots.



Right now I'm in the process of making a worthy sheath. It is made from fiber glass with a thin leather liner. I am forming and welding the 1018 throat right now. Will try to post a couple pictures of it.
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Yup, I'm drooling worse than my Lab! :eek:

Please post pics of the sheath when its done! I am very curious. cool 1

Billy Stewart

Bruce dammit man that is going to be a sweey dagger cant wait to see this one done!! As usual your work is outstanding!!!2thumbs:D


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Awesome stuff Bruce, And Michael!!

I spoke with Ken about getting some engraving done. Beautiful work!!2thumbs

John Barker

Glad I got the waterproof keyboard. Now I got to mopp up my desk. Outstanding!
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