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Pretty cool Tom, looks like you've got quite an investment in blueing. Do you do firearm parts too? I've always wonderd how that was done, and it's alot more complicated than I thought.

Brad Lilly

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Great video, the bluing really makes the pattern jump out! Do you have any health concerns with the bluing salts? Once the water/solution is boiling I would think the steam would be hard on the lungs.I may have to give that a try someday, if I can get a handle on making Damascus.

Karl B. Andersen

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No, there are no really toxic vapors or anything of any consequence in volume.
Some decent ventilation is all that is required.
However - the liquid, hot salts are like Alien blood! Molten. Dangerous. Caustic as heck.

BossDog & Owner
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nice job Karl....I learned quite a bit from that one..
thanks for posting it and keep any more videos coming..