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New here, been an outdoorsman and knife user pretty much all my life. USMC rifleman veteran, married, four kids (3 are step kids) one grandson (by my stepdaughter).

I’m a water and wastewater treatment operator. It’s a good job and I’m good at it. High stress believe it or not. I’m not the guy you see in the hole repairing the broken water mains, I’m the guy directing those guys, making sure everything is done by the books, meeting regulations and making sure no one gets sick.

I recently got into blacksmithing as a hobby. Good workout, keeps me busy, practical skill set to know. I’m more interested in artistic and practical smithing (decor, tools, practical items like coat racks, pot and pan racks), but is it possible to have a forge and anvil and not make a few knives? I don’t think so.

I’ve made a few knives and machetes by stock removal in the past. Nothing special, sharpened steel bar with a handle. But I’ll be knocking out a knife or two here and there. I did make one kitchen knife that was quite nice recently but it got lost when we moved this past summer. Santoku style, hickory handle. I impressed myself with that one.

Some of my tools are angle grinders, bench grinder, an assortment of files, small gas forge (supposed to get started building a charcoal forge today), Holland anvil. I also have a cheap harbor freight belt grinder. I don’t expect it to take much abuse so I’ll be dishing out as little as possible to it.
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