HI Girls finished my forged knife

Discussion in 'Ladydogs' started by darci, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. darci

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    Hey girls i posted my first finished forged knife with pix in the main forum sorry i should of posted it here first . I'm home today sick but not to sick i finished my knife,it took all the begging to get pops to let me work on my knife,"he says you feel good enough to work on your knife get in the jeep lets go to school"cough,cough,cough, but POPS !!!!!!!"LOL" "HIM" fine but when you finish to bed you go. so its off to bed for the day,i have two basketball games
    sat, and two softball games sunday,and sunday night I go for my 6th dergree JR. Black belt so its along weekend coming up .check out my Pix's in the main forum.
  2. knifmkrgf

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    home sick?

    Fun post on the being home; hope you're feeling better, I've noticed you're quite active; that's great. My son played college football at a small college & is now coaching his children in everything they do which is "everything"! Sports are great; will check out your post on the main forum; sure it's great, proud of you & don't even know you yet! Karen :running dog:
  3. Doug Lester

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    I agree with your Pops, Darci. Hope you're better.

    Doug Lester
  4. RAGUEL3

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    Feel better soon kiddo
  5. TKC

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    I hope you are better.

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