Hi from north Idaho

Hi, new to forum. Been bladesmithing part time around 6 years now.
mostly make Bowie’s, either with hamons or pattern welded, or both.. Also make some Japanese style kitchen knives.. and I guess whatever else seems fun.
I’ll try to get some pics up soon.
-Justin Carnecchia
Was about to post a couple pics when it occurred to me I should probably read the rules...
Am I just not seeing them or is there no sticky on rules
What is the general policy on pictures? Some forums let you post as many and as big as you want. Others don’t let you post any...
anyway, thought I should ask first.
Thanks, Justin

Sean Jones

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Justin, photos of your work are fine, in fact they are welcome. It is preferred that a third party host, such as Imgur, is used but it's not required.