Hi all!

How ya'll are:p My name is William. I live in Walla Walla,Wa. Ive been fiddling with knife making for a couple of years, I hope to expand my knowledge of custom knife making.


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Welcome to the pack William. You're in a good place to learn, not just on here but also in physical location. There are some fine knife makers in your area.

Kris Martinelli

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Welcome William, you should find everything you need here...I have, even some weird people!!!! I am not though! Hey is that a giant Perch??? We here in LA don't see much fish??? Or is that just your bait?????


Kris Martinelli

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I've never really payed any attention to sturgeon's, but that looks like a shark mated with a catfish mated with an eel mated with a drum mated with some miracle gro...

Welcome to KD!

That was good, that was good. Poor Sturgeon we might scare his fish. LOL Hang in there Sturgeon I'd let you operate on me!!!!!