HHH Knives T shirt GIVEAWAY!!!

HHH Knives

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Stay looking sharp in one of these HHH Custom Knives T Shirts!!! I also hear your knives will stay sharp longer and your grinds will be straighter if your wearing one of these shirts! ;)

Size from M to XXXL your choice.

TO ENTER, you must POST here. You can enter one time per day. This helps me to pick the winner.

On June 12th about 9:30PM EST. I will pick the winner. Ill use random number gen to select the winner. Your post number will be your entry for the day.

RULES. You can enter one time per day by posting in this thread. Everyone is welcome to enter.

Good luck, and thank you again for your continues support of HHH Knives, I appreciate each and every one of you!!

God Bless!



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Well I'm in again for Friday might wanna pick me I'm a lot of real estate for advertising!

HHH Knives

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Come on everyone. Sign up Who knows. I may just wrap a piece of Feather damascus with this shirt and send to the winner!

And lord knows Everyone wants to look sharp and have straight grinds. so sign up already!