HF Bet Grinder

Bill Hubbell

I have a 1"x ?" belt grinder I got used. It looks like maybe a Harbor Freight one. The motor was fried, so I put a motor on it. It does not have the disc grinder feature. I ended up building a 2x72 belt grinder, so never used this one. I set it aside with all my stuff going to a swap meet this fall. However, I got to thinking that maybe someone here could use it. So, if that's you, let me know. I can check into what shipping would be, and maybe even help with that, if your money is tight.
It's nothing to brag about, but looks like someone could get some use out of it till they can upgrade- and hey, the price is right!

Just saw the title, but can't fix the typo- so who needs a "HF bet grinder"? lol


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Those do pretty good for sharpening knives. I had one that I gave my brother for that use. The leather belt and fine grit belts for sharpening are fairly cheap.

Ken H>

John Wilson

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They are super useful. I gave mine away since I have a 2x72, and now I'm finding that I really miss it. Like- a lot. They are great for countless quickie tasks (as well as sharpening).

I'm going to get another one. My last one had the disc. That part I have no real use for, but everyone should have a 1x30. It's the microwave of the home shop.

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