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    Hey guys,

    My name is Brian Wright. This is my very first day here. Just a little about me:

    I was born in Alabama and raised between there, Mississippi, Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, and Louisiana. Now my wife and I reside in Milwaukee, WI where I have lived since moving here in 2002!

    I have loved knives all of my life. I learned how to both throw and fish with a knife as a kid and never forgotten one bit of it. I am 51 years old now but still look 36, is what others tell me. And I still love knives.

    We grew up poor though! So the knives I had to work with were either the $10 Barlow knives or 2nd hand scabbard knives which my brother, Dad, or cousins owned, broke the blade tip on, got new ones, and gave the old ones to me.

    Still, I was just as proud to have them as if they would of been new. I slowly fell away from knives later on though. But suddenly became interested in.
    Them again about 10 years ago.

    Only now, rather than have poor kids' hand-me-downs, I own some of the highest quality made production and handmade knives that any normal non-rich man could ever own.

    My favorite knives are the bigger, longer blade survival knives, Bowie knives, and Bushcraft knives...with blades romantic 8" long to 13.5" long. I do own a few knives with 7 1/4" to 7 3/4" long blades but these smaller knives are such high end and well made ones that I just Had to have them, LOL!

    I love my country and I am all about knives, etc...Made here in the USA. But that still does not keep me from buying knives that are made in other parts of the world. Canada, Russia, Spain, the Middle East, Asia...If I like the knife maker or knife company's workmanship, quality, and customer service, then I have no problem with buying their knives. And believe me, there are some pretty shady, thieving knifemakers right here in my own country, the USA, and rude ones too, to say the Least.

    And besides, I my opinion, since I'm the one that is buying the knife, all that matters to me is that I Like The Knife..That I like it's quality and the person who made it.

    I am buying the knife for Me and me only, to use, show to others, etc...I am not buying the knife so that Joe Blow down the street will approve of and become my buddy. Because that really has no bearing on my knife buying and ordering choices.

    Another fact that seems to escape people here in the USA...is that countries such as China, Japan, Spain, Russia, Italy, Turkey, and Yes, even the Mid East...All were making knives, swords, and other bladed weapons long before there ever was an America...A United States.

    And I'm sure those countries have forgotten more about true knifemaking than we here in the USA has even ever learned. And just because a knife is made in China or Taiwan...does not make it a bad knife!

    To me, what makes a knife or sword of each of high standards and quality, is how they are designed and made, and moreso how the blade steel is hardened and tempered.

    I don't Condone those knives that are mass produced by the hundreds simply because not much effort can be put into monitoring how they're heat tempering aka Rockwell HRC turned out, or if there is a flawed in the blade on one, such as a crack or badly chipped one.

    In my opinion, and still, even while I have learned so much already but yet still consider myself a beginner, one who loves learning something new everyday... but my opinion is that for a company or knifemaker to turn out a very good blade for their knives, they must monitor the heat tempering process very closely. Proper hardening of steel is the ideal key to any knife or sword blade.

    Anyway, sorry for the rambling on. I may sound like I'm a "Know It All!" LOL but believe me, I know I don't! I am far from that. I just like to talk about knives and share my thoughts and opinions. And I have no problem, and even Welcome, learning from those that know a Helluva lot more than the tiny bit that I have learned.

    Anyway, I am very proud and feel very Blessed to be here and be a new Baby member of KnifeDogs.com! Thanks!

    Brian Wright
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    Well look at that another dog that lives in wi. Welcome to the pound brother, I am sure you will have
    a blast here. Again welcome and have fun.
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    welcome to KD...
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    Welcome to the Knife Dogs Forum :60:

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