Here it is without the tape!

Patrice Lemée

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Finally finished what was supposed to be a Persian fighter. Stacy was the one I think that pointed out that it would need a up swept blade. Next one will have one. 11" OAL, 6.5" blade, 5160, wood I can't remember just now.

Any comments or critique are more than welcome.

Thanks for looking.

Keith Willis

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Patrice since it did not turn out right.I am aure you don't want to sell it,just send it to me;):D

Whatever it is,or suppose to be,I like it.Great job!

God bless,Keith


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Looks good, Patrice! The blade shape *kinda* reminds me of some of Matt Bailey's recurves (which is a good thing :D). Neat curves with unique character. There's nothing wrong with different.



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I like it Patrice. Does this knife have through tang construction? If so, you did a good job of snaking the tang through the handle.


Meridian Blades

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You call that a "sling blade"> mmmmmmm huh? :p Just kidding Patrice.....I like it. Its unique and the copper is a nice touch.


bluegrass in ga

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Cool knife, I'd like to see a pic of it sitting upright so we can see the full curveture of the blade. I really like knives with curves, they seem to have a little more personallity. Good job.
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Patrice Lemée

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Mike, it's a partial tang. The nut is only there for decoration. It would have been a little tricky to thread it through there as you say and beyond my skill level sadly. Someday.

No sheath on this one cotdt.

I'll see about getting a better angle pic to show the curvature.

Thanks again for the good words guys, means a lot.