Helve hammer


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Ed I posted this in the main forum and someone suggested I forward it to you. I hope you don't mind.

I was thinking about building A helve hammerone do you have any recommndations on size, steel, motor etc... I'm defiantly putting the cart before the horse on this! Be a while but I want to start picking up parts to build as they become available. Will these hit hard enough to make Demascus/Pattern welded steel or should I collect stuff for a Hydraulic press instead?? What about the woodspliter press are these a viable project.


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Personally, I'd much rather have a press then a Helve hammer. The helve hammer really doesn't hit hard when compared to say a 25lb Little Giant. If it's a hammer you want, I'd recommend building a "Tire Hammer"...... it's a far better forging tool than the Helve.

Now, if it's one or the other you're thinking about, I'd say that would likely depend on where you live. If you're out in the country, without neighbors close, the hammer will be cheaper to build, and will likely suit your needs. If you live anywhere that a running/pounding hammer might annoy/upset neighbors, I'd say go with a press.