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OK DOGS I'm back from North Dakota it was -15 derg. where i left been there for half a year and need to make knives … but not just knives "folders " some may not know me around here but "i do knives" and make my own damascus but have only played with folders made a few but never turn out like the nice stuff i see so where do i learn how to make the best pocket knives what books or is there a class somewhere i can go i have one month before my next job starts for the winter then back to nd i need help i'm a fast read is there some where i can go or do to make me the best pocket knife .
thanks mr. robinson i didn't get that it was u who wrote the book ,, sometimes i'm not to sharp LOL
I second the motion on Don's books and DVD's. I have them both and they are a wealth of info. His liner lock DVD really lays out the process nicely and is something you can watch over and over and learn something new each time. This forum is another great source. Feel free to ask any questions. There is always somebody out there with the answer. Good luck!
thank guys today i hit the shop but its clean clean clean time need to know what i have and don't then time for one billet of damascus that all the steel i have hope my order gets here next week but i should be able to make enough for 4 pockets or two fixed its been a while so hope all goes good .