the frustration level is killing me! this belt sharpening gig is doing me in. when i do an old knife with a flat grind and try to duplicate the flat it works pretty good. but when i do it the "right" way, ie: lay the blade flat and then barely raise the back up off the belt it just don't work. i get a visual burr but nothing like a flat grind burr that can chip ur fingernail when you flick it. like when i use stones and a jig. what am i doing wrong? how far should i raise the back of the blade off the belt? i am making like 6 passes each side with grits 220, 320, 400, 600, 800, and 1000. the thin blades seem to work better than the thicker ones. i get the feeling i am either:
1. not taking enough metal off to cause a thin enough edge or
2. i am rounding off the edges, but i don't see how as the angle is shallow
also-i will be in san antonio tx fri all day and half of sat. for my wifes heart biopsy if anyone there does this and can demonstrate. i also live close to corpus. THANKS JOHN


I replied to the email you sent me bud. See if that helps you out. If not, we will work on it together and get you on your way.