Help with an old military knife collection...

Casey Brown

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I have a friend who's father passed away and had a pretty large collection of military style bayonets and knifes. Does anyone have any recommendations on someone who could potentially give estimates of values on a collection? I have no experience with the knife collection side of the house, but said I would ask around to see what I could find out for him. Any input would be appreciated.



Dennis Morland


A couple of guys come to mind from here on KD. Don't know if they could help you but Les George an Administrator on here has posted several times about military knives. Also, Ed Caffery is always a good source. Same with John Wilson.

All it takes is a pm.

If you use the search function and "trench knife" or "military knife" you will see who the smart members are in this area...



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Or.... you could post pictures and let us bid on them. This will give you the exact realtime value and I could add to my collection!