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Anyone know who made this knife?3EDE8D6D-7897-42BC-AA3A-1D21F48DC7E4.jpeg4DC3D841-1DF0-40F0-BA68-8178FB33C47B.jpeg


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Doug Lester

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I would say it was done by someone just starting to learn stock removal or I would go with John's idea of Inmate 35543.



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Just another example of why I always preach that Knifemakers should use their NAME on any knife made! IMO, those who choose to use initials or some obscure logo such as on this piece, simply don't have a clue. They are either too ashamed of what they do to put their real name on it, OR they think there is some kind of "meaning" in a particular mark...which usually has no meaning to anyone other then the knifemaker. And of course they are shooting themselves in the foot....because if people can't find a maker fairly easily, by the mark on the knife....they are just going to move on, to a maker that is easier to find.
It's happened time and again.... somebody walks into my shop, with a knife that has initials or some stupid logo on it, asking.... "Do you know who made this knife? Can you help me find them?" NOPE!! If the maker doesn't have enough confidence in his/her work to actually put their name on it..... I'm not going to waste my time trying to help them.
OK.... crawling down off my soapbox now...... Ditto to what John said! :)
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John your wrong that is definitely Inmate 534218! He's the only one to put 2 holes in the Ricaso area! But other than that their "SHANKS" are similar! LOL!


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Pfft...that's practically a social security office file's worth of info compared to my obscufating little mark. :)