Hello from Wales


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I joined the forum a few weeks ago but somehow failed to spot the intros page. Very sorry - correcting that error now!
A bit about me. I early-retired a year ago from London and came to West Wales, back to where I was raised. Always loved woodwork, metalwork, art and technical stuff, and got to making a few knives. I've been selling a fair few online from my Etsy shop in the last three months. Most of my customers so far are for bushcraft and outdoor knives, and custom sheaths, but I'm dabbling in kitchen knives too, trying to find my niche.
Like most folks, I don't have a lot of start up money, but I was lucky to get a few good tools and use of a workshop from Papa.
I'm grateful for the chance to link in with so many knowledgeable knife makers here.

Jamie Elizabeth Parker

Sean Jones

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Welcome aboard! My great-grandparents on my Father's side were from Wales. They came to America in the mid-1800's

cymru am byth !