Hello from Eugene, Oregon

I am a relatively new knife maker, now on my second blade. My first blade was lost at sea while launching the boat last year before completion. I went big with the second blade, a 14" bowie style, from an old leaf spring. It was forged on coal, annealed, heat-treated, and tempered x 3. All has seemed to go well except grinding the bevel has been painstaking. I have been working on this blade for so long now (8 months), I am freaking out about screwing it up. Yes, 8 months, as my forge is at our cabin in the coast range, and I only make it up there every couple of weeks for a night or two. In any case, I decided to just go for it and finish it off. I would love to get some feedback when I am "finished". I will post a picture soon. I am looking forward to the interaction with all - Regards, Brian
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