hello everyone


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Hi there every one . I was looking around on this forum and saw lots of familiar folks and some not so . So I signed up . Just what was needed for those raining days when you just don't feel like going out to the shop . More knife related reading . :eek: 2thumbs


I know what you mean, Jack, my forge doesn't like windy days, so here I am... guess I should build a sheath or three. :)


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Hey Jack! Glad to see you here!
dang Mickey , you are ringing up the post on this site . You need to get a job :D huh1

I really did like that coffee bean wood I bought from you . very interesting , all the wood was nice at a good price .


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Thanks all for the welcome , been and still am on the BF. Thought I should be here also to support the craft .

Delbert Ealy

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Welcome Jack,
Post some pics of something with the coffee bean wood if you like it so much, I'd like to see it too. :eek: