Hello all.


I figure I should introduce myself, as I have been lurking here since March. I have been a knife and sword collector for many years with a focus on military weapons, and now that I am retired I'd like to start making blades. My background is pretty varied having worked in heavy industry as an electrical/mechanical maintenance man in a foundry for 10 years, as an electrician for the CMSP&P railroad for 6years, 15 years at Ameritech, SBC, and ATT as a lineman/repair tech/cablesplicer. In that time I had the privilege to acquire some interesting skills. Never an expert, more like a jack of all trades.

Its going to be fun adapting what I already know, to this interesting hobby. Luckily I either have, or have access to all the tools and machines I will need. Having a blacksmith as a good friend is a very large plus. Looking forward to the wealth of info here......Chuck T