Have You checked out our 157 WIPS and Tutorials ?????

Josh Dabney

I've Been working on updating and re-arranging our WIP and Tutorial MASTER LIST-Thread which is a sticky in the WIP's and Tutorials forum. This is a great resource for finding WIP threads new and old. I suspect this thread has gone under-utilized due to lack of updates for quite some time but it is now fully up-dated and seperated into sub-headings with links sorted by date, newest to oldest under each sub-heading. The member who posted the wips name has also been added. Check it out here-


I grabbed a ton of older wips from all around Knifedogs but sure I missed some. If you run across an old wip thats not on this list please drop me a PM so I can get it added.

We've got some exciting things planned in our wip forum so drop by and check it out.

Take care Dogs !

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Bruce Bump

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Wow Josh, You've been busy! Looks good to see all of them in one place, never seen that before anywhere. I bet they get some good traffic.


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muchas gracias senor Josh!!

awesome thing to do and i found out about it in the right time, was in the mood to study!!

Josh Dabney

I thought this may happen- we've already had a little confusion with Mike Jones being the original creator of the Organization thread. To correct this situation I created a brand new Master List thread. It's in the same place and still a sticky but folks who may not know me or Mike Jones will be able to PM me directly with concerns or questions about our Master List.

My appologies for any confusion but I did correct the link posted above so folks will be directed to the new Master List thread.

Thanks for the comments Fellas ! Just part of the Job ;)

And not that I'm keeping track but several new links have been added so it's more like 162 or so :biggrin:



I'm going to replace the knife free of charge regardless of abuse...

Wayne Coe

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"Thanks for the comments Fellas ! Just part of the Job ;)"

And you are doing such a good job of it. I move that your salary be doubled.:s12137: