Hatchet frame handled bowie:)

Dana Hackney

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hey Bruce!

remember that old hatchet I picked up in Walla Walla? Well, I chopped it, split it and turned it into a nice pattern for that big damascus bowie:) I likes it!



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Bruce Bump

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It does go very well with this style of fighter blade. I bet it would work on a big chopper camp blade too. Its got that no-nonsense "lumberjack" work look to it.
Be sure to show us a pic after you're finished with it.
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Brad Lilly

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Looks pretty cool, I really like the blade. I'm not too crazy about the black tape, duct tape looks better in my opinion and is comes in cammo (Sunday humor). :biggrin:

McClellan Made Blades

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I must say,"I likes it too!"(!!!!!)

Mind sharing what the handle scales are?
They look like Giraffe Bone, but these days you NEVER know!
She's a BEAUTY, no doubt about it!!

I have to admit, I was expecting something much different!!!!!!
....like a HATCHET..., MAYBE!
Just kidding, looks great, no matter the title!!!!