Hardie Tools , Hardness ????

Dwane Oliver

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The first thing I'm going to do with my new anvil is make me some tools. I was wondering how hard are the Hardie tools , or an anvil for that matter?
What steel to use ?


Mike Turner

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Hi Dwane,

most anvils are probably in the 48rc to 54rc range, generally they are a bit softer than hammers. Hardie tools hardness depends on what the use of the tool is. Some I make out of mild steel others I make out of 4140, H-13 or S7. I even use some leaf and coil springs to make tools.

Wayne Coe

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I make most of my hardy tools from coil springs. I have a biiiiig coil spring from the rail road. the stock is 1 3/4" diameter and the coils are about 12" across. To make a hot cut I use 4" for the whole thing. The finished hot cut is about 4" tall, the tang is about 4" and the hot cut is about 3" wide. I harden in peanut oil and then temper in a convection oven to 500 degrees. See my post "My blades cut Steel" MY BLADES CUT STEEL
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