Happy Birthday, Sandy

Paul Long

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Gents, our most senior member, Mr. Sandy Morrisey, turns 90 tomorrow, April 16.:thumbup1::clap:Many happy returns, my friend.


Sandy Morrissey

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Paul forgot to mention that he is turning 80-----------Neither of us is "OLD" we are just maturing----I am now fully mature, Paul is getting there---Thanks, my friends for the remembrance--Sandy
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Sandy cant wish you a happy enough birthday. Your my wanna be. Stay healthy. Your friend Terry alias KT:35:


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Happy Birthday Sandy! I gotcha on BF but missed you here! DOH!

Hope to see you a Blade soon my friend and Dad! Never been able to say that before, I feel blessed in being able to say it now. :)

Sandy Morrissey

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Dwayne, my friend, my Son-------that says it all !! The family that I have acquired through friendship and mutual interests------Is one of which I am very proud. Being called Dad or Pop, by those that are my self adopted children, gives me a great deal of satisfaction. Sandy