Happy Birthday. Mr Bruce Bump.

HHH Knives

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Bruce. Its always been a pleasure reading and looking at your posts and work! I would say I speak for many when I say. Its a blessings to have you as a part of the Knife Dogs Family!

I wish you a happy Birthday and continued blessings.



Bruce Bump

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Hey, thanks guys! It warming to see so many dogs with B,day wishes.
I cleaned the house and went shopping, now I,m going to cook dinner for family tonight. Birthdays don't get better than this.

Bruce Bump

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Man, I,m worn out from all this. I actually had to throw my own party. That's what I get for working at home, Everybody else else went to work and left me here to do everything. Luckily it only comes around once a year.
On a richer note, I turned 62 and can draw social security if I want to. Very tempting, Hopefully there's money in there.