Gun kote advice


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hey Ed

I hope you don't mind me asking...

I want to try coating my blades, and after bit of research I'm leaning towards Gun kote (I just saw on another thread that you use it)

i checked the website but I don't know what to order, I emailed them but havent got a reply yet

I'm looking mainly for durability, and dark none shiny finish (preferably black)

if you have any tips for applying it let me know, will be my first time and as far as I understand sand blast with 120g (finishing the blade to 120 grit before blasting would suffice right? or do I need to go higher just in case?), clean with acetone, spray (certain pressure?) bake and thats it

also is it food safe?

thanks in advance :)


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If you're wanting a non-shiny finish, then only purchase "flat" colors. Even the satin finish gun-kote has a mild "shine" to it. It will take a little bit of experimenting to figure out how to apply it, but here's how I do it.....

For straight steel, I will blast finish the blade, then using a air brush, apply in LIGHT passes......if it looks "wet" then you've applied too much. You can put the blade into the oven whether it's "wet" or dry. The trick is placing the blade into the oven so that nothing that has been gun koted touches the oven. As far as it being "food safe".....I have not idea. I've used the clear matte finish gun kote on a number of damascus kitchen knives, and have never had any complaints.

If you are not sand blasting, make sure you put on latex gloves, and clean the blade completly....and tiny speck of body oil, spit, or anything else will cause the gun kote to not stick, and will create a bubble, or a peel.

Final point.....Do not expect ANY finish to last forever on a knife blade. Eventually it's going to get scratched and scuffed off, especially if it's a knife that will see rough's just the nature of the beast so to speak.


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thanks a lot Ed

keeping the coated part from touching anything in the oven ought to be an interesting task lol

its understandable to be scratched with time, as long I go for the most durable coat around.

and clear on damascus sounds very interesting, i tried a single damascus blade so far and it rusted twice before etching even so I got discouraged!
how would you go about doing that?

you use the 2400 series, right?

finally the 4 oz bottle, generally how many 10" (oal) blades would that coat for example?

thanks again Ed :)


"The Montana Bladesmith"
For putting the clear gun kote on damascus, I do everything as normal, then after etching, I use windex to neutralize the ferric, and during that process, I lightly wipe the blade with a clean paper towel until the dark/light areas are pleasing to me.....then I blow it off with compressed air, and immediately apply satin clear gun kote with an air brush. I made a small aluminum tray with a slot in it.......the blade is placed in the oven, with the edge down (edge sits on the oven rack). and the tang portion of the blade in the slot of the piece of aluminum......that's how I keep the coated portion of the blade from contacting the oven's interior.

I buy the 8oz bottles of gun kote, so not sure how many blades 4oz would do....but it takes me more then a year to use a complete 8oz bottle.....and I'm not just coating blades, but also the damascus pens and other items I make. It goes a LONG way. Just remember NOT to apply it in anything other then a VERY light coat.

OH! And yes, I'm using the 2400 series. I've though about trying the anodize series, but just haven't gotten around to it yet.


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Thanks a lot Ed, much appreciated!
I just had another quick look at their site, the 3400 might be more suitable for me and maybe 'tougher' than the 2400, but either way I think I know all I need to apply now!

Thanks again