Grinding a knife


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I made a short video on how I grind and show a little bit of my set up at the end.



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Thanks for posting this video. Just watched it and enjoyed the demonstration.


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I like the grinding jig and the process. It seems pretty quick and consistent.

I need one of those jigs for a project coming up.

How is the angle of the grind set, on the work rest?


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Very nice setup. Thanks much for sharing. The ammo can as cover for the controls is priceless.


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I like the jig too. Is it 90 degrees? Did you make it yourself?
Sorry about taking so long to get back to you. The jig is 90 degrees and I tilt the work rest to get the bevel. The guy who made my grinder made the jig and his info is on the YouTube page with the video.
thanks for sharing.May i ask where i can buy a vertical motor of belt grinder in LA for i want to build up a selt grinder?thanks in advance.


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And just for the record, I will be stealing that idea when I get further into my grinder build. Got the plans from the store here about a month back. Going through now and putting together a materials/cut list.


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That is a beautiful (and I assume highly repeatable) bevel... Great looking set up too!