Grinder in a Box


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My grinder in a box was delivered today. Ordered it just a little over a week ago from Polar Bear Forge. Great Service and fast delivery. Thanks Jami for making this product available.

It will be a slow build as I will have to save the money for the other major components, wheels, motor and VFD. I will post pictures once I get the frame assembled.


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Will do, I'm working on getting the rest of the hardware together. Can anyone tell me how long the 1.5" x 1.5" bar stock needs to be for the tooling arm?


Depends on what size belts you are going to use. Remember to always buy more than you think you will need. Personally I would buy 4 to 6 feet so I could make a couple of tool arms. as in one for a small wheel atachment and one for flat grinding or for convex grinds. I am one that wants to grab and go not have to adjust to move much. Hope this helps.



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Congrats on your new grinder! I built my own from scratch. I agree with James...if you can afford it, get a long piece for extra attachment arms.


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Congratulations and have fun! One lesson I learned is to drill all holes either much deeper than you need to tap or through if possible. Building mine I broke one tap when the tap hit the bottom of a hole. One more twist and snap goes the tap. If that happens, just leave the broken tap in place and drill another hole. IMG00008-20110312-1017.jpg

It's the devil to remove a broken tap.

The most difficult tap is the 1/2" thread. I assumed that the tap would go straight through without me paying much attention, but...

Having learned how difficult it is to tap a 1/2" thread and being concerned that the tool arm would be too heavy for my drill press ( that is cause the drill press base to flex and make a square hole difficult) I used solid aluminum for the tool arm. That worked fine for me.



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Here are some pic's of were I'm at with my GIB build. Right now all I'm lacking are my wheels, which I hope to get in the next month or so. The motor is a new 3/4 hp 3450 RPM Dayton that I bought from a guy at work for $50. Not my ideal motor, but It should get me going. Down the road I want to upgrade my motor to a 1.5hp with VFD.


Wayne Coe

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I'm sure that you will be very happy with your GIB but will quickly want to move up to the VFD and more power. At that price you can probably find something else to use that motor for or sell it and get your money back.

I suggest that you move the base on over to the edge of the table to get the belt as near as possible to being over open air or even cut the base back to the edge of the base. When a belt breaks it will then have a tendancy to fall to the floor rather bouncing around and up into your face. Believe me, it is no fun to get swiped across the forehead with a 36 grit belt, or any belt.


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Thanks for the advice Wayne, I had not thought about the belt breaking. I'll look at moving it over.

Frank Niro

I know finances are for most of us in very short supply, but if there is a chance to pick up a bigger motor go for it. 3/4 HP is not much even if all you will be grinding is folder blades and parts. Frank